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Meet Kalen DeLoach

By BJ Bennett
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As his junior year winds down, the process will only ramp up for Kalen DeLoach.

He is just as thankful for the opportunity at a power five school as he is at getting an offer from an NAIA school.
~Robert Zoller

Kalen DeLoach, from Islands High School in Savannah, is one the top linebackers in the country for the class of 2019. In recent weeks, he has become one of the hottest recruits around. At 6'1'', 205 pounds, DeLoach is a dynamic talent with both the production and potential of a rising star. Last season, he compiled 156 total tackles, 13 sacks and two interceptions, also rushing for nine touchdowns. DeLoach, athletic and instinctive, is the prospect prototype.

Over the last month alone, the last three national champions, Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State have offered DeLoach, along with the likes of Auburn, LSU, Miami and Michigan. Paul Johnson and Will Muschamp are among those who have come to the coast to see DeLoach. Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban talked to him on the phone. Fresh off a huge 2018 recruiting season, he is one of a number of southeast Georgia prospects bringing national attention to the area. Clearly, DeLoach has a busy year ahead.

Few defenders in the state of Georgia were as active and engaged as DeLoach a season ago. He roams the field for the Sharks with a deep passion and pride.

"I'm energetic, I'm explosive, I like to hit and I just love to play football," DeLoach nodded.

Such a breakdown is essentially the starting point for any DeLoach scouting report. It doesn't take long to recognize him on the field, notion that proves true each day throughout the week.

"Great kid, great work ethic. First one to practice, loves the game," explained Islands head coach Robert Zoller. "As a player, he is our defensive leader. Two words to describe him: fast and disruptive. He is the catalyst of our team, high energy and high juice."

When evaluators see his film, they are overwhelmed at all that DeLoach can do. When he sees the future, DeLoach is excited about all that could be.

"I'm just enjoying the process. I enjoy talking to coaches," he explained. "Every visit I've been on, we talk about school and how they can help me mature as a man and get me ready for that next level."

DeLoach doesn't yet have any leaders and, as his profile grows, is taking it all in stride. For now, DeLoach is focused on developing relationships and gathering information as he talks to more coaches and goes on future visits. He will have countless options, including opportunities with the biggest names in the game, to consider. For the Islands High School standout, offers are rolling in like waves.

Just like his skill set, DeLoach, who talks often about his studies, has a well-rounded perspective.

"I like visiting the campuses to see what's new, seeing which campuses have what and what each campus can offer me, like what I want to make major in," DeLoach added.

The more coaches learn about DeLoach, they more they like. A complete student-athlete, he works hard both on the field and in the classroom. Leadership comes naturally for DeLoach as he sets a tone of accountability and persistence for his team. DeLoach is much more than just a heralded prep recruit, he is an example of how to handle his sudden status. 

"He has been very humble in this process and very thankful for the attention he is getting from coaches," Zoller shared. "He is just as thankful for the opportunity at a power five school as he is at getting an offer from an NAIA school."

DeLoach is a fast-rising name on the recruiting scene. The programs that compete for championships are now vying for his services. Wide open at this point, DeLoach is weighing each and every possible factor, taking the time to consider what has been a stirring start to the year. Already with an impressive offer list, even more are soon to come.

Focused, DeLoach has earned all that is coming his way.

"He is a quiet, hardworking leader," added Islands basketball coach Karl DeMasi. "He has an intense determination to succeed on and off the court."

As his junior year winds down, the process will only ramp up for DeLoach. More camps, more interviews and more visits await. Later this fall will come his senior football season, where DeLoach hopes to do even more to help and lead his team. With recruiting transitioning from 2018 to 2019, Kalen DeLoach is a name you need to know. This, still, is only the beginning.

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