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Top ESPFC Performers: Class of 2020

By Barry Every
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The top performers for the class of 2020, from ESPFC, as seen by Southern Pigskin Recruiting Analyst Barry Every.

This past Sunday Explosive Sports Training, ESPNCoastal and hosted their annual football camp at Chris Gilman Stadium on the campus of Camden County High School. Nearly 75 local prep players from the Coastal and First Coast Region were on hand to show off their football acumen.

Each participant took part in the 40-yard dash, agility drills, individual position work and one-on-ones. The skilled position players also finished the camp with a spirited round of three-on-fours.

Players were evaluated based on size, growth potential, athleticism and performance; awards were not taken into consideration. Making this list does not ensure success after high school, as does not making the list guarantee that one’s football career is over upon high school graduation.

When college coaches evaluate young athletes several factors are taken into consideration. Obviously their overall athleticism and size are two critical criteria. But just as important is a prospective recruits game film, character and of course academic prowess.

No matter how good someone may be at the game of football, a bad character reference or the inability to reach NCAA academic standards can gravely deter one's potential to be recruited.

Below are the top performers for the class of 2020, rising juniors, as seen by Recruiting Analyst, Barry Every. Players are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Byron Bacon, S, Glynn Academy (Ga.) 5-11/180, 4.8-40

He is very similar in size, athleticism and skill set as 2018 Benedictine standout Jakeen Harris. Bacon looked smooth in agility drills, demonstrating the nimbleness to turn in any direction while staying under control. He possesses a great frame and will most likely project as a strong safety in college. But, what really stood out about his performance was his innate ability to decipher routes. Bacon was seldom in a bad position regardless the length of the receivers intended path. This allowed him to breakup several passes on the day. No athlete in the camp did a better representation for a potential FBS level safety then him. His efforts did not go unnoticed by the coaching staff as he earned DB MVP.

Desmond Fogle, OLB, Camden County (Ga.) 6-1/190, 4.86-40

For starters Fogle was one of the few linebackers that had the frame, length and top end speed to be considered a legitimate FCS/FBS level prospect at this time. He possesses fluid hips which allow him to turn and drop at a 45-degree angle. His frame will easily hold another 30 pounds of muscle mass. He was very impressive coming up to jam backs near the line of scrimmage, then releasing to the flats in hot pursuit. Right now he needs to focus on hitting the weights while competing in more camps in order to get experience and exposure. The sky's the limit if he maximizes his natural physical ability.

Rocko Griffin, RB, Calvary Day (Ga.) 5-9/175, 4.46-40

Easily one of the biggest surprises in the camp, especially considering the fact that he missed most of his sophomore season due to injury. Griffin came in bigger than previously listed on several recruiting sites and his speed proved to be legit. Griffin blazed the fastest 40-time of the day while earning RB MVP honors. He has a quick burst and can change directions on a dime. He proved to be a viable option in the passing game with his quick feet and capacity to make yards after the catch. Look for this young man to have a massive breakout season this fall for the Cavaliers. Griffin projects as an FBS level all-purpose back.

Avery Jernigan, OL, Pierce County (Ga.) 6-4.5/280, 5.5-40

One look at his HUDL profile and one sees an offensive lineman that weighs 255-pounds. Well, those days are long gone as Jernigan already shows the length and girth to project as a monster sized run mashing offensive guard. Jernigan possesses a wide powerbase that allows him to hunker down in the trenches. He is fairly violent with his hands and has the power to stonewall bull-rushers. Jernigan is still learning how to use his newly added muscle mass, but that should come with time. The sophomore already boasts an offer from South Carolina and more offers surely on the horizon.

Caleb Keaton, WR, Camden County (Ga.) 5-7/153, 4.63-40

Possibly the quickest slot receiver in the camp was this jitterbug. Keaton is near impossible to jam coming out of the blocks one yard off the ball. But his act was more than just a slight of hand as he proved willing to sacrifice his body to make a play on the ball. Keaton demonstrated very good body control and the ability to attack the ball at its highest point. Right now he would have to be considered a space guy because of his size. Adding muscle mass will be imperative for his longevity and visibility to college recruiters. With the Wildcats heading into their second season in the spread-offense, Keaton could end up becoming a go-to-receiver.

Jayden Patrick, WR, Camden County (Ga.) 5-7/150, 4.84-40

The other slight slot receiver that utterly impressed on this day was Patrick. Though not the biggest participant, he proved nearly impossible to cover. Patrick did a great job of selling his routes and creating space quickly off the snap of the ball. He was like a leaping lizard snatching passes out of the air over top defenders. His vertical prowess couldn’t have been more apparent than on the catch near the boundary. Somehow he was able to not only elevate, but simply hang in midair like he had wind beneath his wings. Like Keaton, Patrick will need to add more muscle mass and improve his top end speed. But he is definitely one to keep an eye on this fall for the Wildcats. His position coaches took notice of his accomplishments, recognizing him as one of the top receiving performers.