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Davin Bellamy’s Next Step

By BJ Bennett
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Undrafted but undeterred, Davin Bellamy is hungry for more.

From all the way up to the third round to undrafted, I just knew I was going to have an opportunity to play at the next level and showcase my talents.
~Davin Bellamy

Georgia's Davin Bellamy watched as six of his teammates were selected in the 2018 NFL Draft. Among others, Sony Michel was taken, then Nick Chubb, then Lorenzo Carter, three of Bellamy's brothers who joined him in postponing professional football for one more run at history. Together, that group led the Bulldogs to an SEC Championship, a Rose Bowl triumph and, nearly, a national title. The same motivation that brought Bellamy back to Athens is now what pushes him forward. Undrafted but undeterred, Bellamy is hungry for more.

A dynamic outside linebacker with 13 career sacks, 21 career quarterback hurries and 24 career tackles for loss, Bellamy quickly signed a free agent deal with the Houston Texans. His new team will get a talented athlete, but also a player focused and fixated on realizing his goals. Bellamy, both excited and gracious for the chance, is ready to show he deserves it.    

"The last three or four days my anxiety level was kicked up, just because of not knowing what city I was going to, what system I was going to be playing in. I didn't have any idea where I was going," Bellamy reflected. "From all the way up to the third round to undrafted, I just knew I was going to have an opportunity to play at the next level and showcase my talents."

The process of having to prove himself is nothing new for the multi-talented Bellamy. At a place like Georgia, every spot atop the depth chart is uncompromisingly earned. After a redshirt year, Bellamy would go on to play in 48 games for the Bulldogs, starting 27. He worked his way into the rotation on one of the nation's most dominant front sevens, ultimately settling into a starring role. Bellamy developed into a leader and playmaker for Georgia's first-ever College Football Playoff team.

After all that Bellamy did in college, he is ready for a similar rise at the next-level.

"My mindset is the same," Bellamy continued. "Nobody knew who I was. I was this three-star guy Georgia pursued because other guys decided to go to other schools. I always had that chip on my shoulder."

That drive helped take the Bulldogs to the national forefront. Bellamy, as his career indicates, is a worker; his commitment is his cause. Bellamy, and a handful of his teammates, returned to Georgia to see a mission through. Even as his professional career is set to begin, Bellamy is still bolstered by the energy of that pledge. From turning down an early shot at the NFL, to now having to compete, again, to show he belongs, persistence is an important part of this story.   

Just as a disappointing 2016 didn't derail Georgia's 2017 plans, not getting drafted won't knock Bellamy off line. 

For Bellamy, the memories of what was will only add to the inevitability of what will be.    

"We all decided to come back and this is everything we envisioned. You know, it kind of felt like we were rock stars and had the whole state on our backs. For the state to feel really proud of us, we used that momentum to carry us through those crazy games," Bellamy added. "Two years ago, that wasn't Georgia football or didn't represent the caliber of coaches or players that we had. We knew we wanted to give this state something to be proud of." 

Bellamy, and a number of his teammates, now move on to their new respective teams. They will always share a common bond.

"It's like a dream come true and it means so much because we have all had our down times. Just to have that brotherhood and watch the people you came in with as boys, we're leaving and we are all men now," Bellamy shared. "To keep what we did in the program and be the pioneers for great seasons to come, we made a brotherhood and friendships that we will never forget."

At Georgia, Bellamy worked tirelessly towards his gridiron goals, adding strength and seasoning to his 6'5'' frame. Before setting an example, Bellamy followed the lead of those who came before him, learning from established program veterans to further his development. Now with the Houston Texans, Bellamy will look to continue the trend. He joins one of the NFL's most talented defenses, a unit featuring some of the game's most dynamic players.

As a prospect, there is a lot to like with Bellamy. Physically, he is the prototype for a professional pass-rusher. His athletic skill set is an ideal fit for the 3-4 defensive scheme. Furthermore, Bellamy has a proven team-first track record and a history of exceeding expectations. Just recently at his best in college football's biggest spotlight, Bellamy also grinds when nobody is looking.   

Many anticipated that Bellamy would be selected in the draft. Surprisingly, his name did not get called. Regardless, Bellamy's mindset is a mix of appreciation and aspiration.

"The call is still surreal and it doesn't matter if it happened in the first round or a few days later. Coming where I come from, that call seemed so far away," Bellamy concluded. "To have somebody give you a chance to play the game that you love, the game that you have put so much into. I'm just blessed to be able to continue my career, especially beating all of the statistics. I was overwhelmed with emotion and happiness."

After a subpar season for Georgia, Bellamy came back for more. After not getting drafted, he is ready for a similar charge.

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