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Troupe Talk: Gameday in Gainesville

By Ben Troupe
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This Saturday in the Swamp is going to be epic because my Gators have a date with the Auburn Tigers.

This Saturday in the Swamp is going to be epic because my Gators have a date with the Auburn Tigers.

Coach Mullen is looking to add to his win total against Gus Malzahn. These are two undefeated teams getting ready to get it on and keep pace on their respective sides of the conference. One thing is for certain, a team wearing orange and blue is going to come out victorious on Saturday afternoon.

With so many storylines to choose from in this game, I went with the most obvious: College Gameday.

Gameday has become the new validation for college teams, towns, and fan bases. It’s equivalent to Monday Night Football in the NFL, Christmas Day games in the NBA, because it's where the entire football world will be watching and glued in to the greatest college town there is, Gainesville, Florida.

Yeah, I said it, and I could care less about any list that says otherwise. Give Coach Mullen a lot of crédit. In just two short years he has turned Florida into a contender, into a winner, but most importantly he has turned them into must-see TV.

The whole gang will be there including Herbstreit, Corso, Desmond, Tebow, Spears aka “Mr. Swaggu”, Finebaum, Pollack, Marty, and María Taylor. We already know who Tebow’s pulling for, no matter what his prediction is.

The scene will be epic. The fans are the best in the land. Let's face it, College Gameday finally got it right.

The atmosphere, from the tailgating, to Gatornation coming out and being on full display, to the signs, will be bananas. I’m very interested to see just how creative the fans can get. I should put out on social media for someone to have a sign for a gofundme account with my info on it. A brother can dream can’t he?

That’s what College Gameday does. It brings out the good, the bad, and, unfortunately, Auburn fans, but, hey, it is what it is and I’m here for all of it.

College Gameday is prestigious. It’s what you look forward to on Saturday morning. I know Cam Newton will be watching the game conflicted, because he won’t know who to root for -- the Gators who groomed him or the Tigers who he chose over Mississippi State. Either way, my Gators have earned and continue to earn their way back into the national conversation, and this Saturday proves that.

Orange and royal blue versus orange and navy blue. There was a rumor going around that Coach Spurrier was going to be Mr. Two Bits. We will see come halftime.

No matter what you’re doing on Saturday, and no matter who your team is, College Gameday is finally back where it belongs, because it is in Gainesville, Florida, the home of ‘Dem Boyz, ‘Dem Gators, and The Swamp, where if you’re not a Gator, you’re a Gator Hater.

I can’t wait. Orange and Blue Skies for Life. We ready. We ready. We ready. For y’all. Lets go.

Ben Troupe - Troupe played tight end for the Florida Gators from 2000-2003, and earned first-team All-SEC recognition and first-team All-American honors from ESPN, Rivals and Sports Illustrated as a senior. After a standout college career, Troupe was selected 40th overall in the 2004 NFL Draft, the first pick of the Tennessee Titans that spring. Currently, Troupe is a representative for the NFL Ambassadors via the College Outreach Program and the USA Football Youth and High School Program while also serving as an assistant master trainer for Head's Up coaching initiative. Troupe can be heard on ESPN Coastal's "Three & Out" with B.J. Bennett and Kevin Thomas.